RSS Feeds on Jumpchart

What is RSS?

Jumpchart offers three different types of RSS feeds for your content.

  • Project Specific RSS Feed: this feed provides a stream with all recent activity related to only one specific project that you have access to. Objectively it will show you who edited, added or removed something inside that project. The link can be found at any page of any project you’re looking at; if your Web browser is capable of handling RSS links, it will show in your address bar. As an alternative, there’s also an orange button at the footer of the screen.
  • Global RSS Feed: this one provides a stream with recent activity aggregated from all projects you have access to (not just the ones you created yourself, but also the ones you were invited to collaborate on). It’s perfect for you to keep track of what other collaborators recently worked on.
  • Global Comments RSS Feed: if you don’t like to receive email notifications about every new comment that gets posted to your projects — and you’ve turned this option off through the Settings page —, then this Feed is perfect for you; it aggregates a stream of all comments made on projects you have access to so you can be always aware of others are saying.